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The Digital Revolution

The world is going through a revolution into the digital age. It is only going to get more digital from there, but we do have to remember the reality. This revolution in technology and in access to information makes the world around us smaller, but people in my generation are losing touch with the reality around them in many ways. There are some things that are good that come out of this new reality, but we need to disconnect with the digital world sometimes and reconnect with the world around us. In other times, we need to disconnect from both and we need to reconnect with who we are. On the internet, we can be whatever we want and we can talk to whoever we want, but we cannot lose sight of who we truly are and what other people are truly like. We cannot forget the world around us either. Plugging in good, but unplug if you are engaging in bad habits or it becomes too consuming for you. Just some food for thought.

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